Those who bullied Gisele Bundchen are probably feeling silly right now.

I think we’re all familiar with Gisele Bundchen: supermodel, face of an angel, body of a Victoria’s Secret angel… ring a bell?

She’s pretty hot:

This woman has had two children. Source: Facebook

Well, apparently, things weren't always rosy for arguably one of the most beautiful women in the world.

In fact, the ridiculously, ridiculously good looking 35-year-old was once a lanky 14-year-old with buck teeth, who was taunted by her meanie classmates just like the rest of us mere mortals.

For years she endured being called names like Olive Oyl (that's Popeye's girlfriend who, just by the way, is super hot), 'giraffe' and 'toothpick'.

Davidson Hirt, Alessandro Bogado, Kenner Klaesener, who all went to school with Bundchen and are now in their late thirties, admitted they used to tease the quiet teenager but it was 'light-hearted fun' amongst close knit group of school friends.

Gisele was "the last on everyone's list" and it was her twin sister, Patricia, who every boy wanted to date, Davidson claimed.

Um, jokes on them, that girl was adorable. Source: Facebook

"Her twin sister, Patricia, was much cuter. Patricia was considered the prettiest girl in the whole school, and everyone wanted to kiss her. But nobody wanted Gisele," he told the Daily Mail.

"Gisele had a flat bottom and no breasts, but Patricia was all curvy. We'd call her Oly, as in Olive Oyl, because she was so gangly."


He even said her first kiss was a dare between the boys to see who would kiss the "ugly duckling".

"I can't remember if there was a bet involved, but it was definitely a dare. Alessandro told us he was going to kiss Gisele, and we all wanted to see if he would really do it,"

"It was after Alessandro's birthday, and we were walking through the centre of town. Kenner and I waited nearby as Alessandro took Gisele off and gave her a few kisses.

"I remember him looking round at me once he'd done it and grinning as he gave me the thumbs up."

Giselle with her parents and sisters. Source: Facebook

Despite all the name-calling though, Gisele never stopped being friendly and by all account was a humble, quietly spoken teenager.

"When we'd shout "hello, Oly", she'd just say hello back, even though it must have hurt," Davidson said.

Gisele grew up in Horizontina, a small town close to Brazil's border with Argentina,in a modest house with five sisters.

She was a star student and the best volleyball player in her school — so good, in fact, she grew up wanting to be a professional.

Alessandro (the boy who kissed her) was always the worst of the bullies and some of the other students began to suspect he might have a bit of a crush on the supermodel-to-be.

"He never stopped, and seemed obsessed with calling her names. It was so bad we thought he was secretly in love with her," Graziela Rodrigues who was also on the volleyball team revealed.


"She never exploded or showed it was getting to her ... but it did make her self-conscious about her body. She would come to school wearing two pyjama bottoms under her school trousers so her legs wouldn't look so skinny.

Just hideous. Source: Facebook

"She'd cover up her arms and legs all the time, except on the volleyball court. I remember her sometimes showing me as she tried to measure the circumference of her leg with her hands, saying 'I think I'm getting fatter'.

"Her posture was a problem too. Because she was so tall she'd walk with bent knees so she was on the same level as her friends. That was another reason for name-calling."

According to Alessandro despite the taunts the only retort she'd throw back used to be: "one day I'll be famous, then you'll see."

"At that time she hadn't even thought about modelling. But she was always telling us that, and it was exactly what happened. I think you can say that she had the last laugh," he said.

The only person who seemed recognise Gisele's potential was local model scout Dilson Stein who told her he thought she could be "one of the greatest models in the world" but noone took him seriously.

"Her sister Patricia was also there, but I knew that only Gisele had the physical attributes to make it," he said.

And the rest, as they say, is history.