This 8-year-old had the best response after helping mum give birth on the house doormat.

Eight-year-old Keira Jade was “horrified” when she learned the truth about how babies are born into the world.

Keira’s mum, 26-year-old Chantelle Edmund, wasn’t due to give birth until March 10. But when Chantelle unexpectedly went into labour at their Huddersfield, West Yorkshire home, Keira and her nine-year-old cousin helped welcome baby Eva Rai into the world.

Eight-year-old Keira was horrified to learn where babies really come from. Image via Facebook.

That doesn't mean there wasn't a bit of confusion along the way.

Keira phoned for an ambulance after realising her mum was in labour, telling authorities, "My mum just had an alien on the floor!"

She was promptly corrected by her older cousin, Ellie-Mai, who said, "It's not an alien, it's a frog!"

Chantelle's baby wasn't due for another two weeks. Image via Facebook.

Speaking to the Huddersfield Daily Examiner, Chantelle said she had planned to have a water birth with her mum by her side.

"It didn't happen like that," she said.

Meet the Aussie woman who gave birth in a ute...twice...on the This Glorious Mess podcast:

"Keira and Ellie-May were both in bed when the contractions started at 10pm. I rang my mum, who lives in Cleckheaton, and I shouted for my daughter to come downstairs.

"My waters broke and the baby was born at 10.35pm on the 'Welcome' mat at the bottom of the stairs. It all happened so quickly," she said.

She added that her daughter was "horrified" at learning the truth about where babies comes from.


"She is just mortified by how babies are born. Until a few weeks ago, she thought they were born through a magic door in my tummy!" Chantelle said.

"Now she is besotted with the baby. She loves her little sister - and Keira’s the talk of the school."

According to Chantelle, Keira had been begging to be allowed to watch the arrival of her baby sister at the hospital.

"I said that just wasn’t going to happen. But she got her wish in the end!"