Staying in? This is the new Netflix show every kickass woman will love.

When was the last time you watched a TV or movie about a kick ass female entrepreneur?

If you’re still thinking about it, that’s probably because you can’t remember.

Sure, there’s been the Social Network about Mark Zuckerberg. A million movies made about Steve Jobs. Even the Wolf of Wall Street seems to fall into that category. But female? Not so much.

Which is why it’s so exciting that Netflix has finally released Girlboss, the 13-episode-series loosely based on the autobiography of the same name written by Nasty Gal founder Sophia Amoruso.

Tiff and Clare talk about the new show on the latest episode of The Binge:

Because let’s face it, she is the ULTIMATE #Girlboss

If you aren’t familiar with Amoruso, that’s okay. But here’s what you need to know…

When she was 22 and living in San Francisco she founded her Nasty Gal eBay store. She’d forage through vintage clothing stores, buy iconic brands for cheap, and then sell them online for a small fortune.

By the time she was 28, Sophia had turned Nasty Gal into a multi-million dollar fashion empire and was called the ‘Cinderella of tech’ by the New York Times.

Sophia Amoruso

She got a book deal. Wrote a memoir. And then Charlize Theron's production company got in touch. They wanted to turn her story into a show. So of course, she said yes.

Speaking to Collective Hub Sophia said: “I would say that the Sophia on the show is a reflection of me, but it’s her own person and not everything that’s said on the show actually happened, not everything that happens on the show actually happened, there’s creative licence.”

Britt Robertson, who you probably remember best from that cowboy movie with Scott Eastwood (aka The Longest Ride), is playing Amoruso.


And according to Sophia, she's ace.

"I don’t want to call Brit a blank canvas – but this is a very different role for her, so it was nice to work with someone who we could shape in a way, I guess," she said to Collective Hub. 

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But the best thing? The episodes are totally bingeable and only 30 minutes long.

However, controversially the show won’t focus on the fact that last year, Nasty Gal filed for bankruptcy and Sophia Amoruso stepped down as CEO.

But hey, who says there isn’t going to be a season 2?

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