All-female band tries to sing while having orgasms. Unsurprisingly, 5 million people tune in to watch.

Ever heard of Dutch girlband ADAM? Neither had we, until they released the music video for their new song Go to Go last week. The video is simple really – just three women sitting in front of a black background singing the song.

So why has it had over 5 million hits in less than a week?

Because each of the girls is singing while getting an orgasm. Or, at least, trying to sing while getting an orgasm. You can even hear the buzzing of vibrators just out of frame beneath the music.

The idea is very similar to that of the Hysterical Literature series we wrote about, in which women are filmed trying to read aloud from a book while someone gives them an orgasm under the table.

You don’t see any funny business, just their faces – but it’s still captivating viewing:

How long do you think you sing with that much action going on down below?

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