Little girl gets 'feminine' Lego set for Christmas. Ignores the instructions like a boss.

Ever received a Christmas gift you weren’t quite happy with?

When a little girl got this gender-specific Lego set for Chrissy she wasn’t happy.

But unlike the rest of us ungrateful sods she didn’t hide it in her cupboard to be brought out once a year, she didn’t re-gift it, she didn’t even secretly trade it in for something she actually wanted.

She made the best out of it…

Andrea and Naya didn’t get the juice bar of their dreams.

By turning it into this kick-arse robot.

You guys, this thing shoots fire.

The robot they got was better.

A friend of the little girl‘s parents posted a picture of the new and improved juice bar on Imgur, with this simple caption: “My friend’s daughter got a Lego Friends set for Xmas. They chose not to follow the instructions.”

Obviously the Internet loved it.

Larissa Waters: Many women drive trucks, while men push prams. Toy companies haven’t caught up.

And we loved it too.

We did have one question though, why was there fire in a juice bar?! That is an OH&S violation for sure.

 Check it out.