This 19yo is looking for the man who saved her life in the London attack.

A 19-year-old nursing student has been saved from harm in the latest London attack after a taxi driver screamed at her to run as a terrorist neared with a knife.

Speaking to The Sun following the attack, Rhiannon Owen said she was on her phone and at an ATM when the Saturday evening attack on London Bridge and Borough Markets began and was initially confused by the chaos going on around her.

It was only when a taxi driver screamed “you’ve gotta run” that Owen saw one of the three terrorists coming towards her with a knife that she realised what was happening.

Girl saved by taxi driver in London attack
Rhiannon Owen says a London taxi driver saved her life. Source: ITV News.

“I was standing at a cash machine and everyone was just running," Owen said. "I was on the phone to my boyfriend and I asked him ‘why is everyone running?’"

“This taxi driver then pulled up and screamed ‘Please run! You’ve gotta run, get back now! Get back!’"

Within seconds, Owen said she had made her way to safety and was able to take shelter in the nearby Appleby’s pub.

“I turned around and I saw this man with this huge blade and I ran as fast as I could," Owen said, adding that once inside the pub, she and around 40 other people took refuge upstairs until the police came.

“The gunshots started and it went on for ages and ages. [Then] the police came in and said ‘you need to leave’."

Now, Owen says she is hoping to find the taxi driver who helped her to safety.

london attacks
Image via Getty.

"I would love to track down the taxi driver," she said. "I don't know who you are, but I owe you my life. I ran away because you told me to, I just want to say 'thank you'."

The terror attack began on Saturday evening when three men drove into pedestrians walking across the popular London Bridge and then stormed a number of pubs and bars in Borough Market.

Seven people were killed and a further 48 have been left injured in the attack.