This five-year-old girl rescued her younger sisters after a car crash killed their mother.

A little girl showed incredible bravery when she pulled her younger sisters from an overturned car after a crash in regional Queensland killed their mother.

The five-year-old, along with her four-year-old and two-year-old twin sisters, were with their mother, Lace Bradford, as she drove on Coreen Road, MacKenzie to meet the child’s school bus in on Friday morning.

Tragically, the 28-year-old’s car overturned along the gravel road and she was instantly killed.

Thinking fast, the eldest daughter unclipped her younger sisters from their seatbelts and helped them through a broken window to escape the wreckage.

She then began to walk them home before emergency services arrived and transported the four children to hospital with minor injuries, Queensland police say.

The four siblings have been left without a mother. (Image via GoFundMe)

Speaking of the girl's bravery, a family member described Lace's "courage and strength" as shining through the five-year-old.

Lace's husband Brenton, 29, has been left with the confronting task of figuring out to financially support his family and care for his girls.

In an effort to help Brenton and his daughters through this difficult time, family member Lance Bradford has started a GoFundMe campaign to "ease some of the financial burden".

Lacey and Brenton Bradford and their four children. (Image via GoFundMe)

"The Bradford family have a long road ahead of them," Lance wrote on the page.

"Brenton is left with little idea on life ahead financially as his current living and working arrangements is an impossible task for a single father of four children given his remote location and job requirements."

The page has so far raised more than $44,000, with the money going towards funeral costs, household bills, a new car and care for the girls.

Lace Bradford and her four daughters. (Image via GoFundMe)

The family described Lace as a loving mother, wife, sister and daughter.

"Lace touched so many lives and her bubbly caring spirit was something to admire."

Lance Bradford said the mother-of-four's death had left "so many stones unturned and questions unanswered".

Queensland Police said on Friday that the forensic crash unit was investigating the accident.