Ageing sucks, even when you're 3...

Watch this little girl realise she’s turning 4, and lose her mind.

Look, aging sucks, we all know that, but nothing is harder than turning from 3 to 4. When you’re 3, you get away with a lot more stuff, right? You’re still a toddler, not quite a little girl.

Turning 4 is a whole new ball game.

Twins Paislee and Hudson from Kentucky in the US are about to celebrate the big ‘4’. Her mum asks them both what they liked the most about beign 3 and Paislee happily shares a story about going to Disney World.

However it all goes downhill from there when Paislee suddenly realises she DOESN'T WANT TO TURN 4!

Her mother does her best to console her with a cheery, "Cheer up buttercup" and reminding her of the party that will take place the next day, but she won't be consoled. Not even a hug from her brother Hudson does the trick.

We wish we could tell you it gets easier as you get older, Paislee but it only gets harder.

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