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PODCAST: The M Word: Why So Many Women Are Angry And Weepy.

If you have a vagina or live with anyone who has one, this episode of No Filter is a must listen.

Dr Ginni Mansberg joins Mia Freedman to talk about the very unexpected things that start happening to your body as early as your late thirties that can continue for up to a decade. 

Ginni is a GP in her fifties who has written a book called The M Word, which is full of things she wants everyone to know about menopause and its little sister perimenopause.

Ginni's own story is also interesting. She's a mum of six in a blended family, she has her own skincare line as a side-hustle, and she's a resident doctor on TV shows including Sunrise and Embarrassing Bodies.  

Listen up and listen hard as menopause is either going to happen, is happening, or has happened, and Ginni has advice on how not just to survive but to thrive.

Listen to the episode here. 

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