The five most bizarre plot points in Gilmore Girls.

I bloody love Gilmore Girls.

I love the fast talking, I love the coffee drinking, I love the Luke. I could rewatch the series over and over again and never get tired of the fact that nothing really ever happens and that Lorelai and Rory don’t tend to experience any kind of character growth.

However, even a diehard Gilmore fan can see that some absolutely ridiculous things happen in the show. And those ridiculous plot points happen because the show is basically about a bunch of wealthy, white people constantly talking about their problems and then having their problems solved by random influxes of money.

Here are the most ‘what the’ moments from Gilmore Girls:

When Rory slept with Dean.

Remember that time Rory lost her virginity to her ex-boyfriend, Dean, who was married at the time? Yeah, that. In season 4, episode 22 Rory and Dean finally sleep together but the only problem is he is married (despite the fact he is only 18) and we had all moved on from him years ago. This just felt like a big wasted moment for Rory and Jess, honestly. And it was icky. Very icky.

When Rory and Logan stole a yacht.

Remember when you were at uni and you’d get drunk and steal a traffic sign? Rory and Logan stealing a yacht was the rich, white people version of that.

At the end of season 5, Rory and Logan get drunk and steal a yacht. Rory ends up serving 300 hours of community service for her crime (Richard’s rich mates helped her get a lighter sentence) and Logan gets off scot-free because he’s even whiter and richer than her.

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When Rory dropped out of Yale and lived in a pool house.

Excuse us, but when you get into Yale and don’t have to pay of cent of tuition yourself, you don’t get to drop out and live in your grandparent’s pool house.


In season 5, Rory drops out of Yale, gets into a big fight with Lorelai and then lives in her grandparent’s pool house (which is bigger than any apartment/house I’ve ever rented) for few months while she figures out what she wants to do with her life/is a brat.

This is not a thing that happens. When you drop out of uni you have to move back into your parent’s house while they nag you about getting a job at Target.

When Jess moved to California.

At the end of season three Jess left Stars Hollow and moved to California to meet his dad. Weirdly we went with him for an episode where we had to watch him walk around Venice beach looking awkward in a leather jacket (and probably sweating profusely) while trying to reconnect with his dad.

This was Gilmore Girls’ attempt at a spin-off show that never happened. Then we just didn’t see Jess for years until he popped back up in the last season.

When Lorelai married Christopher.

If there’s one common theme in Gilmore Girls it’s that Lorelai really needs to be married off. First, Max Medina proposes to her and they plan a big wedding, which she calls off at the last minute.

And then in season seven, when she really should have been marrying Luke, Lorelai ties the knot with Christopher.

It was a weird plot line that came from nowhere, made no sense, and meant that Luke just had to wait in his diner for years until the reboot finally happened and they could finally get their shit together.

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