The one character no one wanted back on Gilmore Girls is definitely coming back.

Guys, we urge you to stay calm and refrain from burning Stars Hollow to the ground.

It seems like every day we’re hit with more news about the upcoming revival of Gilmore Girls on Netflix, and today it was confirmed that Vanessa Marano will also be back on the GG set.

23-year-old Vanessa played April Nardini, daughter of main man Luke Danes (Scott Patterson) and Anna Nardini.

Of course, those of you who remember the show well will recall that April was blamed by many fans for the breakup of Luke and Lorelei (Lauren Graham).

April Nardini image via FB @VanessaMaranoFans
April Nardini. Image: FB @VanessaMaranoFans.

So lets just say, not everybody is thrilled by this news.

The last we saw of April, she was moving to New Mexico to live with her mum and grandmother.

After a hard fought battle, Luke won joint custody of his daughter, allowing him to spend some time with her on some holidays, spring break and one month of the summer. However, the arrangment had a terrible effect on Luke and Lorelie’s engagement.

Since the show ended, Vanessa Marano has starred in The Young and the Restless, and currently stars in Switched at Birth.

Other original cast members who have been confirmed to return to the show include Lorelei, Rory (Alexis Bledel), Luke and Emily (Kelly Bishop), among others. The revival will be a four part series.

Last year, some of the cast members did a special reunion interview. Lauren Graham spoke about the experience in this must watch interview:

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