Pass the coffee: The Gilmore Girls are officially coming back.

Take a deep breath.

Grab a cup of coffee. Or maybe just go for a whole pot because it’s time to have a grand old Stars Hollow celebration.

Netflix and producers for Warner Bros. Television have (finally) confirmed that Girlmore Girls will be coming back to our screens, for one last final time, with this funny tweet:

It’s left lots of people (like me) in a bit of tizzy about the whole thing, separating the rumours from the facts.

So far we know this:

1. The set is just the same, welcome back to Stars Hollow.

Lauren Graham has spilled on what the new set looks like.

“When I walked onto the set for the first time. We had to do a camera test and… the house.  It’s on a different stage but it’s… the house. Alexis and I walked onto the set together and — I feel super emotional about a lot of it and I’m afraid I’m going to start crying at every turn — but walking onto that set really felt like something. It felt like a lot of time had passed and it felt like we were just there. It felt amazing.”

2. There have already been a lot of tears. 

“It was just really emotional,” says Graham. “I don’t know what I’m allowed to say.  There’s a line in the script about how time has passed and how that feels… and hanging over all of it is the absence of Ed [Herrmann, who played Gilmore patriarch Richard], which, obviously the revival addresses.

“But that’s where we’re all starting from, and it feels so real. It’s hard to be here without him. You notice so many friendly faces and then a few that are missing. But more than anything, we just can’t believe it. All of the things that had to happen for this to happen.”

3. Most of the main characters are back.

Lauren Graham (a.k.a the best mum in the entire world), Alexis Bledel (my fictional TV sister), Scott Patterson (the one and only Luke), Kelly Bishop (Emily Gilmore), Sean Gunn (creepy but sweet Kirk), and Keiko Agena (Rory’s best friend) have confirmed they are definitely back in.

Thank goodness. Lauren even posted this delightful gem, which makes my heart crumble even more:


4. The original creator, Amy Sherman-Palladino, will return to the helm. 

You might think this isn’t a big deal. But, it really is. The last season of the TV show, season seven, was not created by Sherman-Palladino, who left due to a contract dispute at the end of season six.

And, let’s be honest, season seven caused a lot of disharmony among the Girlmore Girls community.

Keiko Agena with Amy Sherman-Pallandino.

Many say this will be the creator’s final word on the show, which she grew from it’s very infancy.

5. There will be new characters. 

Apparently, we will meet Berta and Alejandro – a Peruvian couple, Nat Compton (a very miserable man who never smiles), a 13-year-old character called Dewey, 9-year-old Korean-American twins called Stevie and Kwan (Lane’s family we’re guessing?), and a new hippy commune. Sounds like fun.

6. We have no confirmation on Melissa McCarthy. 

Oh, Melissa. We’re really rooting for you, here.

Unfortunately, the actress who has shot to fame since her role as Sookie St. James on the show, has not confirmed she will be reappearing.


Among others who are yet to comment on the reunion is Jared Padalecki (Dean), Liza Weil (Paris), Milo Ventimiglia (Jess), or Matt Czuchry (Logan).

That’s all we know for now. But, don’t worry, as more information comes out – we’ll be on it. Pronto.

Please, just excuse me whilst I go start this TV show of brilliance from the very beginning, with extra buckets of ice cream.

For old time’s sake, let’s just scroll through some Gilmore Girls brilliance.