Gigi Hadid's most dramatic hair transformation yet wasn't actually real.


Our suspicions about Gigi Hadid’s ‘short’ hair reveal have been confirmed: turns out it was just a one night (hair) stand.

Hadid’s hairstylist Bryce Scarlett confirmed to Into The Gloss that the did-she-didn’t-she-but-it-looks-too-good-to-be-a-wig style was in fact a wig – and explained just how he achieved such magic.

“Gigi knew about the dress before we had even talked about the hair, and because of the high neckline of the dress, she wanted the style to be off of her face and slick.. .but she had done so many styles like that, so she was like, ‘What if we do a wig?’,” he said.

"That's why her hair is so big - it's full of secrets." Image: Getty.


"So it's a faux bob—a partial wig that we placed on the back of her head, and then we pulled her natural hair back behind it. [All of her natural hair] is there."


So there you have it - to quote wise old Damian from Mean Girls, "That's why her hair's so big, it's full of secrets!"

Well played Gigi, you almost had us convinced.

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The American Music Awards happened overnight and while the focus should have been on the music, as usual we've been a little (okay, very) distracted by the red carpet.

Amid all the killer arrivals, there's one person in particular we can't take our eyes off: Gigi Hadid. More specifically, Gigi Hadid's hair.

Yep, it's goodbye to the model's usual Victoria's Secret beach waves and hello to a slicker, edgier and shorter style.

Hadid sports a shorter style. Image: Getty.


Rocking a deep side part with plenty of volume, Hadid's usual chest-length hair stopped short at her chin. It's a major change that comes just days after she made her Victoria's Secret Show debut — an event notorious for its uniform hair of long, flowing waves. Has Hadid gone rogue now the shackles of the bejewelled bra and enormous wings have been released?

Unfortunately, there may be cause to refrain from getting too excited; a red carpet interview suggests all may not be as it seems.

In an interview with E! presenter Giuliana Rancic, Hadid said, "you can check back tomorrow to see if I still have short hair", hinting that the new style may just be a temporary wig. Damn.

If so, we've got a lot of questions for Hadid's stylist. Like how on earth does one get a wig to look so natural? Where is the rest of her hair hidden? Can we please get one? (Check out more of our favourite celebrity hair transformations. Post continues after gallery.)

If it does turn out to be a trick, Hadid is not the first to pull the wool over our eyes.

Just days ago, model Chrissy Teigen sent fans into a frenzy when she stepped out with what looked like a lob, which turned out to be just a very clever updo. Hmph.

Real or not, we like what we see. Until the faux bob is confirmed, let the conspiracy theories commence. Gigi's Secret? Much more compelling than Victoria's, if you ask us.

What do you think of Hadid's new hair?