Exactly what your child's teacher wants as a Christmas present, according to teachers.


Yes, not all heroes wear capes.

But the heroes I’m talking about, do this: patiently put up with kids, teach them constructive stuff, feed them if they’re without food, appreciate them in ways that parents often just don’t have the time for, and on top of all of that, listen to parental concerns and demands.

That’s right, I’m talking about TEACHERS.

All parents would agree that teachers are marvellous, and an inherent part of our kids’ childhoods. Some of us rely on educators more than others for assistance and advice on their kids, and so naturally develop friendships with them – or are grateful of any extra efforts made for their family.

So it makes sense that parents want to show their appreciation at the end of the school year. But, no matter how hard we try, it’s not always easy to know what a teacher would like. We may not know the teacher too well personally, and we also have to keep in mind they could potentially get 20 of the same thing from the rest of the class!

To help you out, we asked parents who are seasoned teacher gift-givers, and teachers, in Mamamia‘s parenting Facebook group The Motherish, what the best presents to give are. Here are their top suggestions:

The best gifts for teachers.

From the teachers:

  1. “I had one family who always made up a big fruit box with delicious summer fruit. I loved it! Christmas decorations are sweet and I love getting them out each year, but ultimately it’s the cards and the thank you.”
  2. “I’m a teacher and would love personalised stickers/stamps etc. Teachers spend lots of their personal money on these items.”
  3. “My hubby got a bottle of Moët once and he (we lol) were so excited.”
  4. “I’m a primary school teacher. Movie or massage vouchers are always very appreciated.”
  5. “I’m a teacher and to be honest, a card that explains your gratitude or delight or heartfelt words is just lovely. Depending on your love language I suppose. (E.g. gifts, gestures, words, etc) I value words of appreciation.”
  6. “I’m a teacher and I’ll be honest – a bottle of champagne/Prosecco is always appreciated!”
  7. “Some of my fave gifts have been a nice tree ornament, a DVD, or some more ‘personality’ things like frames for my house when I got married. But honestly the things I’ve really held on to were the cards where the parents recognised a difference I’d made in the life of their child.”
  8. “I love getting ornaments!”

From the parents:

  1. “The Sans Sherriff tote bags. Made by the Lady Start Up who made the ban the single use Prime Minister bag and she’s made one for teachers.”
  2. “A travel mug is an awesome gift. Or a good quality reusable water bottle. Tote bags are a great idea!”
  3.  “A coffee card for any cafes within close walking distance to the school.”
  4.  “A personalised stamp from Lady Start Up Stamp it Your Way.”
  5.  “I gave movie gift cards last year. Teachers loved them.”
  6. “Wine, chocolate, coffee vouchers, chutneys, any treats home-cooked.”

And what to avoid.

  1. “I’d recommend avoiding soaps, lotions and chocolate – most teachers have these in abundance.”
  2. “Avoid chocolate, teachers get a lot of it so good to avoid if you can.”
  3. “Preferably not ‘stuff’ that clogs up our homes. As much as we like your kids, we don’t need to be reminded of them at home constantly and then have to deal with finding a spot for that thing.”
  4. “Just an FYI anything over $50 in a public school teachers have to declare (whether they do or not is not your problem).”
  5. “If getting alcohol, try to find out if they drink. Some don’t as I’ve learnt to my embarrassment.”
  6. “Thoughtful cards from parents or kids are always valued above last minute gifts.”

Wishing every teacher a safe and relaxing summer break – you’ve earned it!

What do you like to give your kids’ teachers? Tell us in the comments.