15 gift ideas for every type of occasion (and budget).

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Full disclosure: receiving gifts is my love language. And I always thought that made me... kind of materialistic? Until I realised that it also means I love to GIVE gifts and, mmm, yes, that sounds a lot better doesn't it? 

Aside from making me look like a really good and generous person, my love of gifting makes me *brushes shoulders* a pretty great chooser of presents, too. (Humility is also one of my top qualities.)  So if you need to buy a little somethin' for a little someone spesh, please allow me to help with this roundup up great gifts that anyone (me) would be happy to have placed in their hot little hands... for any reason whatsoever.

A gift that says 'treat yo'self'.

Everyone deserves a little bit of self-care, but there are times in life when the people we love need a little... extra TLC. Whether you need a 'get well soon' gift or a post-breakup 'know your worth' pressie, these are the best buys for anyone who's in need of some self-nurturing. 

Kmart 1.18L Purple Jumbo Tumbler with Handle, $15.

Emotional support water bottle? Don't mind if I do! Nothing says "I care about you thiiiiiiiis much" than helping someone stay hydrated, and at 15 bucks, this is a sweet savey gift that is pretty much guaranteed to get used, again and again and again.

Sipping on self-care. Image: Kmart.


Laneige Lip Sleeping Mask, from $31.

Yeah, you could buy one lip mask, but why would you when you can gift several? Laneige's Lip Sleeping Masks can be slathered on at night for plump, juicy lips by morning, or a delicious-smelling lip balm day to day. She's versatile! She's tasty! She's bound to put a (very moisturised and super-kissable) smile on any gift receiver's face. 

Image: Sephora.


Lady Jayne Salon Pro Rechargeable 2-in-1 Hair Styler, $99.99.

Let's be honest, good hair is a gift — and this handy styler can deliver that every single day, so whoever you git this to be thanking you for... ever? The Lady Jayne Salon Pro Rechargable 2-in-1 Hair Styler straightens and curls (that's the '2' part), plus — my favourite bit — it doesn't need to be plugged into the wall, so you can charge it up and throw into your handbag (after-work drinks!). It's even currently 40 per cent off at Chemist Warehouse until March 27. Genius. 

Rechargeable by USB! Genius! Hello, 40 per cent off. Image: Lady Jayne.


Manicare Salon Firming Face & Body Sculptor, $140.

I'm turning 40 this year, and THIS is what I hope my friends gift me (dropping some pretty clear hints here, guys...). This clever device does... well, it does a lot, but basically, it uses technology known to reduce cellulite appearance and target collagen to help fight the visible signs of ageing. And yes, there's science to back it up —after a 56-day trial, Manicare found that 85 per cent of users noticed their complexion appeared more even and visibly brighter, 85 per cent felt like the skin on their face looked well rested, and 80 per cent felt that the skin on their body appeared firmer and more toned. If you needed more of a reason, it's also currently 40 per cent off at Chemist Warehouse until March 27!


Currently 40 per cent off at Chemist Warehouse!! Image: Manicare.

A milestone birthday pressie.

Sometimes there are those *big* birthdays (ahem, 30, 40, 50... need I go on) that you need to find something a wee bit special for, you know? A gift that's a bit different, maybe a bit meaningful — or something they wouldn't otherwise buy themselves. 


Who Is Elijah Discovery Set, $65. 

I often hesitate to buy perfume for friends because fragrance is such a personal thing. But that's why this Who Is Elijah set is actually the ideal solution. It includes 10 different signature scents (woah), so there's bound to be something in there they like (and maybe they'll just gift you back a couple that would smell good one you).

Smells good. Image: The Iconic.


Emma Lewisham The Emma Lewisham Essentials, $145. 

Emma Lewisham has achieved cult status for a reason, and if there's any time to gift great skincare, it's on a milestone birthday. Filled with cleanser, moisturiser, serums, exfoliants and more, I love this essentials kit to kickstart a new decade of deliciously smooth, supple skin.

Your giftee's face will thank you. Image: Emma Lewisham.


Inka Arthouse Papiers Set of 3 Matisse Art Prints (A1), $340.

Tell me a set of three fine-art prints doesn't scream 'I'm a real adult with my s**t completely together'. These Matisse prints inject a pop of colour, plus, your friend/lover/dog walker will think of you every time they glance at their wall. (And it is, of course, all about you.)

It's art, darling. Image: The Iconic.

The perfect housewarming gift.

Maison Blanche 002 Small Candle in Paperwhite & Clementine, $22.

I know, I know. You think candles are played out. Especially as housewarming gifts. But I am here to tell you they are not. Approximately e-v-e-r-y-b-o-d-y wants their space to smell good, and candles have one job. Well, two if you count the cosy atmosphere they throw. Go for a left-of-centre fragrance for a unique take on an old favourite.


Good sniffs are good gifts. Image: The Iconic.

House of Nunu Double Trouble Cup Set of 2, $79.95.

I'm obsessed with House of Nunu, and have been wanting some of their glassware for a while (not me dropping more hints). This set of cups is as cute as it is practical, and comes in a whole bunch of pretty colours. Hopefully when you hand them over, they'll offer to make you a cuppa to say thanks. No guarantees, though.


Spill the tea pls. Image: The Iconic.

Sheridan Chiswick Robe in Midnight, $170.

Oooooh baby, I love lounging around in a delicious robe. Plus, it's the perfect pressie for someone who's just moved into a new home and looking to spend all their time there because they have roughly no money left 🫠.


Image: Sheridan.

Ember Temperature Control Smart Mug 2 295ml in White, $169.

Things people don't like: coffee going cold. Things people do like: you, when you give them a very clever little cup that keeps their coffee/tea/lemon water piping hot while they're working from home.

Image: JB Hi-Fi.


A not-so-usual celebration.

Yeah, weddings and babies are great. But there are also a lot more moments in life that are worthy of acknowledgment. Business launches, promotions, graduation, coming out, divorce (what? This can be cause for celebration!)... These gifts shout 'hooray!' for any reason at all.

Maison de Sabré The Airpods Case in Pink Lily, $59. 

This sweet full-grain leather AirPods case is as handy as it is cute. And yes, if your giftee isn't a soft pink kinda person, there are plenty of other shades too. But the best bit (IMO) — you can get this baby monogrammed, making it a one-of-a-kind present.


Image: Maison de Sabré.

Fujifilm instax mini Link 2 Printer in White, $179.

I love an Instax camera, but what I would love even MORE than carrying around a camera all night, is being able to print out my favourite photos from my phone... And this cute piece of tech does exactly that: turns every selfie you snap into a cute Polaroid.


So cute! So useful! Image: The Iconic.

Love A.C The Essential Bowl, $180.

If someone gifted me this piece, I'd be seriously chuffed. The resin wares designed by Love A.C's founder, Ash Croker, and handcrafted in Bali are unique pieces that elevate any space like *snaps fingers vigorously* THAT. It's the perfect centrepiece for my any coffee table.


Stunning. Image: Love A.C.

Stash Jewellery Safe and Strong Ring, from $250.

I cannot think of a single occasion this epic ring wouldn't be a suitable gift for, and with that in mind, pls someone buy it for me. And if not me, then someone because they will thank you forever.

'I love you', 'Happy breakup', 'Congratulations on just being awesome...'. So. Many. Options. Image: Stash Jewellery.


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Feature Image: Stash Jewellery/Who Is Elijah/The Iconic.

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