Ghosts. Are you a believer?

Regardless whether you believe in ghosts or not, you probably know someone who knows someone who has a story involving ghosts or something freaky that can’t be explained.


Haunted houses, squeaky floorboards, noises in the middle of the night or green lights in the sky. Just like the Lemon Tree Passage ghost, who apparently died in a motocycle accident three years ago. Port Stephens residents believe if they go over 180km per hour the ghost appears in the form of a bright light.

According to The Daily Telegraph, “a handful of videos have been posted on YouTube, allegedly showing a ghostly bright light appearing in the rear windscreen of cars that start driving at dangerous speeds.”

Sound a little nuts to you? Well, not so for the people of Port Stephens who are convinced they’ve seen the ghost. The local police have had to issue a speed warning, “we want speeding drivers to know that the only bright light they’ll be seeing in their rear windows will be the red and blue lights of a police car,” the police spokeswoman said.

Have you ever experienced what you believed was ghost or something that has scared the pants off you?