All-female Ghostbusters made YouTube history. But not for a good reason...

With more than 610,000 down votes, the new Ghostbusters movie can officially lay claim to having the least popular movie trailer ever posted to YouTube.

The notion of an all-female reboot of the 1984 cult classic, which stars Kristin Wiig, Melissa McCarthy, Kate McKinnon and Leslie Jones, proved controversial from moment it was announced last year.

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But few could have imagine just how much backlash it would cop. As Screencrush reports, the trailer has even cracked the top 100 most hated videos. Of any genre.

While it might not have as many overall down votes as, say, Baby by Justin Bieber (that’s got a whopping 5.99 million), it does have a higher proportion of haters – one in every 49 viewers for the Ghostbusters trailer gave it the thumbs down versus one for every 225 for The Biebs.


If the YouTube comment section is anything to go by, the vitriol has a fair bit do with the gender of the cast.

“Besides political correctness please give another reason why you should change male characters with female ones,” writes user ‘carrie cordero’.

There’s even suggestion lurking online that there's a deliberate, targeted campaign to drive the number of down votes. According to Daily Dot those responsible may even be using bots to do it artificially.

Regardless, there's clearly a select few celebrating the hate. Several YouTube users congratulated each other on reaching 500,000 dislikes. Then this:

With the movie's release still two months away, it might just get there.

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