Ghostbusters star Leslie Jones is providing all the Olympics coverage you need.

Ghostbusters star Leslie Jones is killing it with her coverage of the Olympic games.

Even if you’re not a fan of the games (and yes, I am personally offended by your lack of “oi”), you will be a fan of her side-splitting comedy.


Jones has been tweeting up a storm since the games began with an endless stream of bang-on comments.

The star has even assembled an Olympic bat cave of multi-screens to limit the amount of events she could miss.

Source: Twitter/Screenshot.

The tweets are gaining huge international followings as she shows a side of the games that viewers relate to on every level.


TV producer Mike Shoemaker tweeted the executive producer of NBC’s Rio coverage, Jim Bell, to alert him to their country’s newest and (potentially) greatest commentator.

Bill then invited Jones to join him in Rio.

Looks like it's all systems go:

A bad-ass woman taking the mic to serve us a side of the games we can actually relate to? Now that's something we can all support.

Watch as one of our very own Olympians gives us another reason to support the games. 

Feature image: Twitter/Leslie Jones