What happened when Mamamia went on a ghost tour at Manly Quarantine Station.

Every workplace should take their staff on a ghost tour.

It’s the ultimate fast-tracked trust exercise, a get-to-know-you game with a fairly sinister undertone.

Let me tell you, it’s rather difficult to put on an act when it feels a lot like you might die at the hands of a 1000-year-old gust of wind named Samuel.

On this particular tour we all behaved like such scaredy-cats that I really can’t say much for our resolve in a crisis.

I personally nearly dropped our (very expensive) camera about seven and a half times. It’s a damn good thing that no one picked up on the disembodied voice until post production. We might never have recovered if we’d caught it first hand.

Watch our antics above.

To book your own ghost tour at Manly Quarantine Station, visit their website here

You can also stay overnight (with a few ghosts).

OR if ghosts aren’t your thing (what kind of person are you..?) then you can check out the Boilerhouse restaurant and Bar, here