Child ghost appears in honeymooner's photo.

Ghosts seem to be on a photobombing trend.

They are turning up in more photos than those bunny ears in the 90s.

First, they were in some poor couples wedding photo (the weird face between their chins).

Image via Imgur.

Then they rocked up in a baby monitor, hovering over a baby's crib. Watch the video and post with the honeymoon photobombing ghost photo continues after.


Now, an alleged child ghost has scared a honeymooning couple. So rude.

Just what you need on your romantic, trying-to-de-stress-after-planning-a-wedding honeymoon.

Cristiano E Patrizia? was honeymooning in Maine, US, when his wife decided to take a photo to show their friends how incredibly dark it was as they drove around just after midnight.

When they looked at the photo later they noticed the little child, sitting on the side of the road.

"My wife took the photo to show friends how dark and scary it was (we're from Manhattan) driving in these woods. We got surprised much later when we went through all our photos."

Image via Facebook.
Image via Facebook.
Image via Facebook.

Patrizia sent the photo to Toowoomba Ghost Chasers with the caption:

"Can someone see what we can see? We shot it last October in Maine during our honeymoon.. Every time we look at it we shiver..."

Many commenters tried to explain that it was just the light being funny, or maybe a duck hanging out on the side of the road. Some said they could see a little girl and maybe she had passed away on that spot.

Patrizia replied saying they were skeptical but that nothing else was there when they drove. He said, "I did a Google search of the area later but found no ghost stories".


Can you see the ghost?