The creepy detail in this photo from the 1940s that has people believing in time travel.


It’s Tuesday, the last instalment of the ABC‘s gripping Keli Lane documentary is on tonight and, oh, by the way, time travel is real.

Wait... wut.


It's a fairly big... deal.

You see, last week, a man named Stuart Humphryes, who has a particular interest in British history, tweeted a colourised photo of British war workers on a Cornish beach in September, 1943.


The photo itself is fairly unremarkable apart from a few key points:

  1. No one seems to be able to decide on the... weather, with some people in swimwear and others in a full-winter get up.
  2. People are... talking to each other, a strange historical phenomenon we don't see often in modern times.
  3. There's a time traveller chillin' in the centre.

But actually.

Please observe a man I have decided to name Paul doing something rather odd for 1943.

Is he... is he checking his phone?


Sir. It's too... early for that.

What are you...

Paul is looking down at a gadget between his hands, and he seems highly invested in it.

A number of time travel experts weighed in on Twitter, with one man writing, "clearly the man in the shot is a time travelling tourist checking his mobile device. Finally the evidence we need that time travel is real.

"We now see things in old photos that we missed before but [now] we know they’re phones."

So true.

One woman pointed out that when you zoom in, it's "not a phone in his hands".

"It's a round circular tube looking object about 5-6 inches tall in front of his face."

Humphryes, however, had a clever point. "But that's *exactly* what mobile communicators look like in 2243," he wrote. "So he is a time traveller after all, only from our future."

But while it's all well and good to accept that Paul is a time traveller, there's an issue.

Who... who is he texting? Or stalking on Instagram? No one else has a phone because it's 1943.

Well, obviously he's texting other time travellers, about his time travel observations such as the fact people randomly sit with their backs to the sea in 1943.


In conclusion, Paul is irrefutable evidence that not only time travel is real, but also that the entire plot of Outlander is a true story.

Now excuse me while I go to Inverness and try to find myself a Jamie.

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