Parents accidentally capture the moment a 'ghost' flies over their daughter's cot.

*Insert ghost music here*

Victoria Snowdon posted a video to Facebook of what seems to be a ghost hovering over her eight-week-old baby Rosie.

Victoria Snowdon with her daughter. Image via Facebook.

According to The Mirror, dad Jonathon Murphy went to check on his baby daughter after noticing some white light on the baby monitor. At that point,  Snowdon apparently started recording on her phone. (Is that weird? It might be a bit weird…)

Image via Facebook.

Once he knew she was fine, he returned downstairs and watched the recorded footage with his wife.

What they saw, “completely freaked [them] out”. A white light hovering at the left hand corner of the footage, which then becomes an orb, moving above the baby and almost touching Jonathan.

What is that? Image via Facebook.
Is that a ghost? Image via Facebook.

As Jonathan leaves the room, the orb expands and almost takes over the whole screen.

Then it took over the whole screen when dad left. Image via Facebook.
It’s even creepier once the door was closed. Image via Facebook.

Watch the video below that Snowdon posted to her Facebook page with the caption

Jonathan was watching the baby monitor and claimed he had seen a ghost…. So he went up to check on her… What on earth is this white blur?!”

Post continues after video.

Jonathon spoke to The Mirror about the creepy event and said, “I know it seems like a joke, but it’s inexplicable. We still don’t know what it could be. No cars were passing by and we keep the room dark.”

What do you think it is?