Did this family capture a photo of a ghost next to their Christmas tree?

Telling ghost stories is an old-fashioned tradition that not many keep up these days. Remember Charles Dickens? A Christmas Carol? The ghosts of Christmas future and past, anyone? That story is damn spooky when you think about it.

Now it seems one family may literally have captured a snap of the ghost of Christmas present at their festivities.

Reddit user deathscrims shared the creepy photo, which features a frankly terrifying swirl of white light around an innocent looking yuletide tree. And then there's ...something, in the reflection of the TV screen in the background.

"The picture was taken to show the Christmas tree to friends and family. First picture was taken and there wasn't anything in the picture, turned the camera on its side and snapped another picture to see this," the Redditor explained.

"Not sure if it's a ghost, but it's a non smoking house."

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Then the plot thickened - it turns out there was some Christmas related spookiness tied the house from day one. When the home was first purchased by the couple who took the photo, they'd, "found over 1000 Christmas lights stored in the attic stashed inside the insulation."

Several other Redditors chimed in, with many deciding that the strange apparition is merely some errant flare from the bright lights on the Christmas tree.

Or maybe whoever left those damn fairy lights in the attic is still attached to them and haunting this family every Christmas for eternity.

One or the other.