There's something a little freaky going on in this baby's ultrasound.

Warning: You may not look at your ultrasound in the same way again.

We’ve seen our fair share of strange things pop up in ultrasounds. Babies flipping the middle finger at mum and dad. Babies looking more like little aliens than babies.

But none of us have seen anything like this before…

Parents Jon and Lindsay McHale were shocked to discovered what appeared to be a ghost in their baby daughter Madison’s ultrasound.

Madison's ultrasound.

The couple believed it to be Jon's mother Kathy. "I like to think there is a relative watching over Madison and we think the face looks a lot like my grandma Kathy," he told The Mirror.

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Madison is now six years old and while she's never met grandma Kathy, she's recently had another encounter.

Jon explained that when they went to his father's house (who is the widow of Kathy) Madison talked about seeing an old lady with white hair, standing in the front room and on the stairs.

Jon said that the description little Madison gave them sounded exactly like grandma Kathy.

Do you think there's a ghost in the ultrasound or just a coincidence?

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