The viral Tweet about getting ready that every woman can relate to.

During December and January, everyone seems to be partying. A lot.

And every now and then you might feel a bit of peer pressure to join in.

Whether it be pressure to meet friends for a night out, or you’ve been asked on a last minute date, there is one universal truth that resonates with all women: we need preparation time.

We are not like men, who are able to jump in the shower and be dressed to the nines and ready to party approximately seven minutes later.


These deadlines give us anxiety. We need to know well in advance.

So when Khiry Curving tweeted the perfect excuse for not going out one night, every woman could painfully relate.

In the tweet, a screenshot of a message sent to a group chat reads “I already showered for bed. I didn’t shower to turn up. You know them to be different showers,” captioned with “my excuse for not going out tonight lmao” and yes.

We have literally all been there.

The phone was also on 6% which is a clear indication that no one was planning on going out that night.

Curving’s followers understood perfectly.


It is a truth universally acknowledged that there are different types of showers for women, and that if we shower for bed it’s TIME FOR BED.

In fact, in May last year another woman tweeted about the three different types of shower women have.

“Can someone else confirm that girls have 3 types of showers; a “quick body wash”, a “hair and body shower” and then a proper “exfoliate shave, moisturise, hair mask, face mask, singalong” like it just DEPENDS ON THE TIME AND OCCASION,” she wrote in the tweet.

If you want your lady friends to embrace the night, tell them the day before, so they can do their fake tan shower.