We have some brilliant news for any fans of The Katering Show.

If you laughed yourself silly at The Katering Show, we’ve got some very good news for you.

Kate Mclennan and Kate McCartney, the comedic duo behind the hilarious cooking sketch show that was picked up by the ABC and became iView’s most watch series, have a brand new TV show and it might even be funnier than their last.

Even better, it premieres tonight.

Called Get Krack!n, the pair have swapped the kitchen for a studio as they parody morning lifestyle TV.

It's clever, sharp, laugh-out-loud funny and makes you wonder what really goes on set with Lisa and Karl and Sam and Kochie.

Playing the same personas they introduced on The Katering Show, McLennan is the enthusiastic host desperate to impress while McCartney plays her sleepier, almost deadpan foil - relatable considering they are presenting the pre-breakfast show at 3am.

Listen: The Kates are back and they've swapped the kitchen for breakfast TV. Post continues after audio.

"It’s an early early morning show in the same way that you have a late late show," McCartney explains.

Making fun of the revolving door of experts and news topics you'll see on the real deal, Get Krack!n features many celebrity guests including Adam Briggs, Rove McManus, Kat Stewart and Sam Neill.

From the typos on the breaking news graphics to the street view window that looks over a dirty alleyway, no element of breakfast TV is safe - nor does anything ever seem to go to plan.

Image: ABC

Fortunately there are no 3am wake ups required - with the show screening every Wednesday at 9pm on ABC. And unlike The Katering Show which was seven to 12 minutes, you;ll get a full half an hour of the Kates' comedy.

Grab the tissues - you'll need them for the tears of laughter.