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You know you’re really the boss of your life when you pimp out your number plate.

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I have a confession. I’m obsessed with personalising things. Call it a nostalgic throwback to the days of primary school, but I can’t help it. I want my name on everything. And I mean everything.

My dressing gown has my name on it, as does my bath towel. (An added bonus as it means no-one can nick it and claim they didn’t know it was mine!) My passport cover has my initials on it and I’ve finally placed an order for a phone case emblazoned with my name. Just in case, you know, I forget.

But the pièce de résistance? My car. Yes, my car has my surname as its numberplate. I couldn’t resist. It’s far more subtle than you’d expect and not only does it indicate that it is 100 percent mine, it also makes it far easier to spot when I forget where I parked in the shopping centre, which happens far more often than it should.

It’s also a great way to mark any significant milestones (and far less painful than getting a tattoo).

Don’t believe me? Here are six times in life that are perfectly marked by a personalised number plate. With myPlates, finding the perfect one for you in NSW has never been easier (and sorry to other states, the plates below are only available to NSW-registered drivers).

Find the 1 4 U. Image: myPlates.

1. You've got a new car.

Congratulations! Great choice. Welcoming a new car baby into the family is the perfect time to get yourself some new, personally chosen number plates. Think of it as a birth certificate for your beloved vehicle. You could incorporate your nickname for your car or put your own name on it (see above for reasons why this could actually be very practical!) Or perhaps colour those letters in hot pink or throw a vintage frame around the plate? Welcome to your new wheels.

2. Celebrate your pet's birthday or arrival.

Yes, this really is a thing. myPlates recently introduced their animal range, which lets you publicly declare your place on either Team Cat or Team Dog. Put your fur baby's name or birthday on a plate along with decorative pictures of cats or dogs, or go general and enjoy the friendly waves or beeps you'll get of fellow drivers who approve.

Sydney cat lover Liza (pictured at top) has the purr-fect number plate. Image: Instagram @the_feline_fanatic

3. A wedding or anniversary present.

Forget about pots and pans, how about this for a wedding or anniversary present (or even Valentine's Day)? Perfect for your new partner or for family and friends getting married, gift them their new name on a number plate to mark the start of a new chapter. To start off subtle, choose the personalised option, which lets you choose your own letters and numbers but within the set NSW number plate formats. Costing an annual fee of $105, you could play around with their initials or wedding date. Or why not go custom  for the complete freedom of choosing up to six letters and numbers with no set formats (which costs an annual fee of $454)?


Alternatively you can choose one from the Wanderlust range and nod to your/their honeymoon destination. Or just go with your footy code. Why not?

4. Howdy, divorce!

It's probably not the first thing you think of if you've just finalised a divorce, but it's certainly a unique way to mark a new chapter in your life. Apparently it's also a popular way to reclaim your maiden name.

Again, it can be subtle - with a number or letter combination that only you can recognise or understand. Or maybe your zodiac sign for a bit of positive affirmation? Go for it.

5. The birth of a child. Or adult.

Whether you've just had a child or they've celebrated a major milestone of their own life - an 18th, 21st or graduation maybe - a personalised number plate is a perfect way to celebrate your children. Incorporate their names into a unique word, have all your initials on the family car or use their birthdays to come up with a personal combination.


6. When you start a new business.

You BOSS. Literally. You've got your website, business cards and social media accounts down pat, now all that's left is a personalised number plate. What better way to spread the word/awareness than driving round town with your business name stylishly emblazoned on your car? It's a celebration of your success.

Beast mode, on! Image: myPlates

But wait... what if you want to keep the same numbers and letters as before? There is an option to restyle plates to include the same combination, but with a splash of individuality. Want one with international characters under the letters? Sure! The Sydney Harbour Bridge to mark the city you were born in? They can do that too. It's from just $180, without an ongoing fee.

There are just some things in life that are better personalised. And your car numberplate is one of them.

Have you got a personalised plate? Or seen any good ones? Share with us below!

This content was created with thanks to our brand partner, myPlates.