Here's how you can easily earn yourself a 5 star Uber rating.

Unless you’re living under a rock—or on a remote island where taxis don’t exist—you have probably heard of Uber by now.

The cost-effective alternative to taxis, Ubers are renowned for their superior transportation skills, offering mints, water, and all-around excellent service. Arguably, this over-and-above performance is a result of the Uber rating system, wherein the passenger rates the driver according to their experience. But the tables have turned, because all the while, Uber drivers have been rating you back.

If you, like us, have found your Uber rating and have since become obsessed with being the best passenger you can be, you’re in luck. We’ve got the insider information from Uber themselves to teach you how to get that 5/5 star rating and beat all of your friends—because isn’t unhealthy competition what we’re all doing it for?


Smoking or throwing up in the car is a sure way to get a 1 star. Gif source: Giphy

1. Help your driver make a smooth pick up.

Once, I ordered an Uber and clarified the destination with my driver over the phone, only to realise I was lost and on a completely different street. I blame this incident, solely, for my less than perfect rating of 4.58 stars. If you want a good rating, make it easy for your Uber to find you by using the “suggested pick up location” feature or giving him a call. It also helps to know where you are to begin with.

2. Enter and check your destination.

When you book your Uber, it tells your driver your current location, but this information isn’t always accurate. To avoid confusion (or a low rating, because that’s what’s really important here) double check your address and enter it manually. And if you’re going to give your driver specific route instructions, it helps to actually know where you’re going, including the rules of the road.

3. Choose the right seat.

If you talk to your driver, you’ll find that most of them have family, friends, and unique stories to tell, almost as if they weren’t just your driver. If you want to have a conversation, sit in the front seat and engage. If you want to chill out with your headphones in, make it less awkward for everyone by sitting in the back.

4. Be a considerate rider.

This one seems obvious, and yet it’s still worth mentioning. If you wouldn’t want it done in your car, don’t do it in theirs. This means eating messy food, swearing, smoking, and, god forbid, throwing up in their car (hey, we all know at least one person who has done it.)

5. Thank and rate your driver.

Just as you want a good rating, so does the person behind the wheel. If they meet or exceed your expectations, let them know and give them a good rating. If the ride was less than satisfactory, rate accordingly, but leave a comment stating the reason so they can improve. At the end of the night, don’t we all just want a good Uber rating?