Gerard Baden-Clay has apparently found God in prison.

Baden-Clay’s apparent new attitude to life has been revealed in leaked letters to family and friends.

Infamous convicted murderer, Gerard Baden-Clay, has started reading the Bible and getting fit while in prison for the murder of his wife Alison Baden-Clay.

In a letter leaked to the Sunday Mail, written in the lead-up to his trial, Baden-Clay wrote that he was “very fortunate to have been introduced” to a prison pastor, a friend of his sister’s, who has helped him begin his “faith journey”.

His letters, in which he proclaims his innocence, have been leaked within days of Baden-Clay’s lawyers arguing before the Queensland Court of Appeal that it was possible that he accidentally killed his wife after an argument.

Gerard Baden-Clay
Allison and Gerard Baden-Clay.

“He visits me regularly and has been helping with general pastoral care as well as guiding my Bible study and faith journey,” he wrote.

He maintains that he now lives on a few principles of life, what he calls the “4 Fs”: family, friends, fitness and faith.

In the letter, Baden-Clay said that he wanted to clear his name at the appeal against the conviction of his wife.

“I am constantly encouraged by the continual support that I receive form my friends. As my trial date draws closer, I am certainly looking forward to the opportunity to clear my name, but really feeling the need for that support, too…”, Baden-Clay wrote.

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In all his letters, he has maintained his innocence and urged his friends to keep supporting him, including financially. Since being arrested, Baden-Clay has borrowed money from friends and allegedly has not repaid his debts.


Baden-Clay also made reference to his three daughters, who are aged 13, 10 and 7, saying that he was “delighted” to have seen his “beautiful girls”.

“Of course, I am very biased, but I think they are all extraordinary young women, and the awful circumstances that they are caught up in just break my heart.”

Baden-Clay ended his letter with a quote from the novel, The Chamber, by John Grisham, which he has been apparently reading in jail:

“Weird things happen within our absurd judicial system. Courts rule this way one day and the other way the next. The same judges reach different conclusions on familiar issues. A court will ignore a while motion or appeal for years, then one day embrace it and grant relief. The Supreme Court drifts one way, then another.”

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He then signed off with the letter “G”.

It’s been over a year since Baden-Clay was convicted for the murder of his wife, and he is currently appealing the conviction in the Supreme Court.

This week, lawyers appealing his conviction suggested it was possible that Gerard accidentally killed his wife, saying it is plausible that Allison’s death resulted from a confrontation between the couple.

“The hypothesis that’s suggested… is this: that there was an unintended killing resulting from a confrontation and the confrontation arose out of an argument,” barrister Michael Copley QC told The Court of Appeal on Friday, suggesting the argument then escalated to violence, resulting in the cuts to Gerard Baden-Clay’s face

Copley, who is representing Baden-Clay alongside solicitor Peter Shields, also told the court that “There’s no injuries on the body consistent with an intentional killing.”

The Court of Appeal will hand down its decision at a later date.

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