This woman is a ‘mum’ to over 400 kids.

Geraldine Cox




Geraldine Cox was in her early 20s she found out she couldn’t have children. Her fiancé promptly and ignominiously dumped her, so she embarked on a worldwide journey with the Department of Foreign Affairs.

Cambodia was her first posting in 1970 and it made a huge impression on her. After working and travelling around the world, she returned to the South East Asian nation in 1996 where she co-founded an orphanage.

Now, she is ‘Big Mum’ to over 400 kids.

Geraldine recently opened a new Cambodian orphanage, which will take in 200 kids born with HIV by the end of the year. This is particularly significant, as in Cambodia people with HIV are often shunned. Kids with the disease are often not allowed to attend normal schools – and are punished by their communities. Geraldine saw the need for a special place to care for and educate these kids. Like a force of nature, she has made it happen.

This is an interview with Geraldine, but please note that this video deals with sexual abuse, and some viewers may find it triggering.

Geraldine needs to raise $80,000 each month to keep caring for and educating her 400 kids. If you’d like to help her keep her promise to her kids that ‘everything will be alright now’ please go to Sunrise Children’s Villages.

You can make a one off donation or sponsor a child for $40/month. If you’d like to know more about Geraldine’s life you can buy a copy of her book or DVD. The book a bloody good read!

Geraldine Cox is doing Australia proud in Cambodia. We thank her for her dedication, love and service to the Cambodian people.

Thanks to RISE Films  for assistance with this story. 

Geraldine Cox will be available to answer questions from readers – so if you have anything you’d like to ask this amazing woman, leave your question as a comment below.

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