Georgia Love just shared a throwback and she was ALL OF US as awkward tweens.

Out of control curly hair. Blue headband. Kylie-inspired dance pose. Winnie the Pooh singlet top. And white walls that contrast with dark wooden door-frames.

Reality TV star Georgia Love has posted a throwback photograph of herself from 17 years ago and every Aussie girl has a photo just like it.

How much should we bet S Club 7 is playing in the background and she’s just finished watching Round the Twist?

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The caption and the hashtags say it all.

“Needless to say I haven’t changed in 17 years,” the former Bachelorette star wrote alongside the image.

And there is nothing more accurate than the hashtag: #sorryicanthearyouoverthevolumeofmyhair

When we spoke to Georgia earlier this week, she told us she doesn’t like wearing her hair naturally, and hasn’t for some time.

I never, ever wear [my] hair natural. My curls are not good. It’s not a good look,” she said. “If I was in the ’80s I would have been the coolest person going round and the only person who wouldn’t have to get a perm. But living in the day and age that I do, no.”


Fans of the 27-year-old are loving the hair, though. The picture has been liked more than 4,000 times and has received countless happy comments.

“You should wear your curls! They’re amazing,” one follower wrote.

“Georgia, you should pose and re do the photo in present time! That would be fun,” another added.

“Just so cute,” one commenter said.

And one, universal, truth: “Pretty sure I had one of those singlets too!”

Same, commenter lady. Same.