Georgia Love responds to rumours that Sophie Monk is doing The Bachelorette for fame.

Appearing on Sunday night’s Schmunday Show – Jamila Rizvi’s radio program on 101.9 – Georgia Love took the opportunity to address rumours that 2017 Bachelorette Sophie Monk is looking to boost her profile, rather than to look for love.

When a listener called in to tell Love that, ‘[The guys] going onto the show this year know that A) everyone knows who Sophie Monk is, B) she’s a celebrity and C) she might not really, really be there to find a husband,’ the former bachelorette was candid with her opinion.

“I truly believe that Sophie does want to find someone, I really do believe that,” Love, who found her current partner Lee Elliott on the Channel 10 program last year, said.

Rizvi wholeheartedly agreed. “She’s already on TV all the time,” the columnist said.

Love and Monk (Images: Channel 10)

"Also [Monk] has been unlucky in love, very publicly," Love continued. "Why can't she have the same go [as everyone else]?

"I am a hopeless romantic."

Referring to other aspects of the listener's comment, Love said she does believe the upcoming season of The Bachelorette will be very different to anything we've ever seen from the show in the past.

"I think it's going to be an incredibly different season to ever before," Love said. "I certainly had a lot of guys who very obviously not there [for the right reasons], and couldn't care less that I was part of the show.

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"But I think it's going to be entertaining, that's the only thing I'm sure of."

It's believed filming for Monk's season of the love-finding show began late last week. Which means strap yourselves in for some Bachie goodness, folks!