A member of the Love family is engaged and we couldn't be more excited.

After finding her own true love on national television last year, Georgia Love has just shared that her inimitable, bad-ass big sister Katie Love, is getting married.

Katie appeared in the final week of her sister’s 2016 series of The Bachelorette and smoked out Georgia’s final two guys with the stealth and style of a KGB assassin.

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She was salty, she was suss, she was the perfect big sister for the job and eventually gave her nod of approval to Lee Elliott, Georgia’s now boyfriend. Naturally, the nation fell in love with her.

Sharing the news via Instagram stories on Thursday, Georgia uploaded a snap of her sister covering her face with her hand, diamond ring a shinin’, and a card that read: “You. Me. A wedding. Champagne. Dancing. BE MY BRIDESMAID.”

Congratulations Katie!

"Yay!!!!" Georgia captioned the image alongside a ring and bride emoji.

Ummm not to jump the gun or anything here, but does this mean Lee is going to be that guy standing at the front of the church saying "bride or groom?"

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Katie's happy news comes months after the sisters lost their beloved mum Belinda to pancreatic cancer.

"Our hearts are aching and we miss you so much. In our memories, with love, forever," the family wrote in a joint statement following her passing.