Georgia Love shared what it's like for her to watch this season of The Bachelor.

Most of us have experienced that uncomfortable moment when you see a former partner with their new one. Maybe you spot them out together at the pub, maybe you’ve been incessantly stalking their Instagram accounts.

Well, compound that feeling by, say, 22, and that’s something close how Georgia Love is feeling watching this season of The Bachelor.

Speaking to News Corp’s Confidential, the former Bachelorette conceded that it’s been a strange experience watching the 29-year-old on the program so soon of after breaking up with him during the October finale.

“It is a bit weird, [The Bachelor] being Matty, because the last time I saw him was on that rooftop in Singapore,” she said.

“It was so recent that I was on there, so it was always going to be weird watching that show again and knowing what happens that you don’t see on camera.”

georgia love on matty j being bachelor
Matty J and Georgia during The Bachelorette. Image: Channel 10.

Matty was among Georgia's final two picks in the recent season of The Bachelorette. However, in the emotional final episode the Tasmanian-born news reporter declared her heart belonged to 35-year-old mechanical plumber, Lee Elliott.

Speaking to Mamamia after the episode, the Melbourne man said, “Georgia’s a person who, not only do I see a future with, but I don’t see a future without.

“I want to do everything with her. I want travel the world with her, I want to sleep-in on a Sunday with her, I want to go to brunch and I want to do dinner, I want to do friend’s birthdays and everything and anything with her, just as long as she’s by my side.”