Bachelorette Georgia Love has hinted at her next career move.

The Bachelorette’s Georgia Love has hinted at where she’d like us to see her next — and it’s not far from where we’ve grown used to seeing her.

Love was asked on KIIS FM’s Kyle and Jackie O Show whether she would accept a role reading the news for Channel 10 if she were asked.

The 27-year-old enthusiastically told the hosts she would jump at the chance.

“I’d absolutely take that. That’s all I’ve ever known and done and I love doing that,” she said.

We. Are. Not. Surprised.


Co-host Kyle Sandilands went on to suss out just how far the reality star would go to take the top spot.

“Would you trample Sandra Sully and shunt her down the stairs?” He asked.

“I would never do such a thing to queen Sandra,” she replied.

Love had a job at WIN News in Tasmania as a news presenter before she quit to focus on her journey to find a lasting relationship.

The official Instagram of The Bachelorette even mentioned how her career would be taking a backseat.

“Having put her career as a journalist first for her whole life, Georgia is now ready to prioritise love,” it said.


Now as much as we would love to see Love read our news, she has previously told Confidential news presenting may not be something she can still do.

“Being a news reader and a news reporter is all about not having emotions and not having opinions and just being a face and a presenter telling the story,” she said.

“So I understand that now I have gone out there and completely shown my emotions and my personal story, that actually takes away from that role of unbiased news reporter or presenter.”

The air of objectivity may be difficult to picture now but we’re sure it’d come back as soon as she stepped behind the desk.

News reporting, it’s like riding a bike, right?