'Bachelorette' Georgia Love opens up on her mum's cancer fight.

It might seem risky to give up a successful career in pursuit of the perfect partner, but for Georgia Love it just made sense.

The 27-year-old quit her job as a WIN television journalist in Launceston to be the Bachelorette after her mother’s fight against cancer made her realise something was missing from her life.

“She’s going through chemo at the moment to make sure everything’s gone, but it’s still very touch-and-go,” Love told TV Week.

Love revealed her decision to go on the show coincided with her mum Belinda’s diagnosis with pancreatic cancer.

“The fact it was all happening at the same time made me decide, ‘Yes, I want to do this’… It puts it into perspective how important family and love are.”

Happy Mummy’s Day maman! Thanks for loving me even when I looked like this ????????

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She also appears to be drawing inspiration from her own parent’s relationship.

“Seeing how Dad has been with Mum through all of this, it made me think, ‘I want someone who will be my rock like that’.”

Love shared a cute picture of her mum and dad to celebrate their 33rd wedding anniversary. Source: Instagram

The couple has been together for more than three decades and counting.

At present Love, who studied journalism at Melbourne's RMIT University, is taking a brief career hiatus, which we imagine will end once she's found The One.

"I've loved what I've done but this is how serious I am that I want to find somebody and I want to settle down that I've actually taken a step away from all of that," she told the Daily Telegraph.

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