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Georgia Love is preparing to face her first Mother's Day without her mum.

For former Bachelorette Georgia Love, this year’s Mother’s Day is going to be the hardest she’s ever had to face: it’s the first one she’ll be celebrating without our her beloved mother, Belinda, by her side.

Her mum was just 60 years old when she passed away 24 hours after the final episode of Love’s Bachelorette season went to air last year.

Georgia with mum Belinda. Source: Instagram.

She'd been diagnosed with pancreatic cancer just six months earlier.

Speaking to Stellar magazine in an interview that will be released this Sunday, 28-year-old Love says the day that's meant to be a celebration of motherhood is "too much to fathom".

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The date also marks another significant point in her mother's health battle: a year ago, Belinda had surgery to remove the tumour.

But there's one person who will be by Georgia's side this Mother's Day: her partner, Lee Elliot.

While they were meant to be flaunting their new relationship to the public after months of secrecy, Lee was meeting Georgia's friends and family in the most terrible of circumstances.

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Georgia admits the loss of her mum so quickly after meeting Lee put a strain on their relationship. Image via Getty.

"It's made our relationship really hard," Georgia admitted to Stellar.

"He's the one who has to cop it when I'm having a bad day. He's the one who's there as I break down.

"Within the first 48 hours he met every single one of my family and friends but in the most horrible and emotional way.

"He did not once falter. He did not once freak out. He was there every step of the way. Nothing will ever take that away."

It's a fact that Georgia said has made their love even stronger, adding, "it brought us very close".

The full interview will be in Stellar on Sunday.