Georgia Love says she won't be watching Matty J on The Bachelor. Here's why.

It’s never easy seeing your ex move on with someone else, but when your old beau is about to become the star of a reality TV show and date 22 other women, it must be really awkward.

Last year’s Bachelorette Georgia Love has revealed she won’t be watching Matty J on this year’s season of The Bachelor, and her reason makes a lot of sense.

The 27-year-old told the Sydney Morning Herald this week that she won’t be watching 29-year-old Matthew Johnson try to find the woman he wants to “spend the rest of [his] life with” on national TV.

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“It will be like watching an ex dating a whole bunch of people, which no one really wants to see,” Love said at the announcement of her new ambassador role for beauty brand Palmer’s.

Love doesn’t plan to contact Johnson ahead of The Bachelor’s air date, but she wishes him all the best.

“I care for him very much and I genuinely want him to be happy, so I am very excited for him.”

The journalist did have some advice for Matty J and his quest for love.

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“Be really, really true to himself. Don’t get swept up in the whole thing. Really stop at the end of every day and think about how you would be feeling in the real world after that date you have just been on. Not because it was beautiful and romantic and there were roses and champagne,” she said.

“He is a very honest, truthful and true to himself person, so I hope he continues that on The Bachelor.”

Love also addressed the rumours that she and Lee, 35, have broken up.

“We don’t live together. He’s gone back to full-time work. I’m up in Sydney for work. We don’t see each other every day and when we do, we don’t post a photo together every time. It’s this bizarre thing when we are not posting photos every second day, people think we have broken up, but we are not,” she said.

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As Mamamia previously reported, in this year’s season Matty J is hoping to spare the runner-up the heartbreak that he experienced last year.

“It would have been great if I just got a text and it would have been like, ‘Cool, she’s picked Lee’,” he told News Corp Australia in his first interview after the Bachelor announcement was made.

“I mean, I would never [break up with someone over text] but that easy option is certainly tempting.”

The Bachelor has already began filming and will air on Network Ten some time in July.