Georgia Love and Lee Elliott's Summer Heights High costumes are so "quiche".

You know that famous old proverb: The couple that dresses for costume parties together, stays together?

Georgia Love and Lee Elliott are making an extremely strong case for it.

Over the weekend, the ex-Bachelorette stars teamed up with Georgia’s sister Katie to pay homage to an Australian pop culture classic: Summer Heights High.

And wow, did they pull it off.

OK, so there are some things we need to talk about here.

For one thing, Lee has done an alarmingly good job of channelling Ja’mie King.

How many times did he practice that signature pose in the mirror? Did he just so happen to have a school pinafore lying around? And how many times did he drop the word “quiche”?


His own Instagram caption indicates he got the private schoolgirl speak down pat: “I know I’m quiche, don’t be jel it doesn’t suit you!”

Bravo, sir. Bravo.

Then we have Georgia, a.k.a. Mr G. We really hope she cut loose on the DF with some of the drama teacher’s iconic moves:

And Katie Love?

Well, Katie just absolutely nailed it.

Great job, team. This is the very definition of costume goals.

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