Georgia Love says women were hired to be her friends during The Bachelorette.

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Honestly, it looked pretty fun to be a contestant on this year’s The Bachelorette.

Even if you didn’t win Georgia’s heart, you got to go on some pretty cool dates and spend the rest of your time living it up in a mansion with your mates (who, you know, also just happen to be all pursuing the same woman.)

Sounds like heaven, right?

Georgia Love , on the other hand, had a whole empty mansion to herself. Or so we assumed.

During her No Filter podcast with Mia Freedman, the 28 year old revealed that wasn’t exactly the case.

“Interestingly, one of the girls that I lived with – I lived with two girls the whole time I was there for support and to have people with me the whole time,” she said.

But before you get excited thinking you can apply to be The Bachelorette and just live it up with your two best friends in a free gigantic house for three months, there is a catch.

Channel Ten and production company Warner Bros actually hired the two woman specifically to keep Love company.


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"They weren't [people I knew before the show]. So they were people who work for the show but they were there simply as my people, they weren't producers... they were my paid girlfriends,' she joked.

"But I don't pay them anymore and they are still my friends!"


And one had a clever way to keep track of how Love was feeling during filming.

"One of them would just test me to see what I was thinking when I was off guard. Every so often she would go 'Final two right now, go' just at any given point," Love said. (Post continues after gallery.)


"And the one thing I can say for sure is Lee was the only person who was in that final two every single time she asked me from the first night."

Interesting. Very interesting.

Being away from her actual friends and family though meant Love couldn't chat to them and 'workshop' the early days of a relationship as we all normally do - usually over too much wine.

Love believes this was actually a blessing in disguise.


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"So I have a bit of a love-hate relationship with that whole thing because you do have that workshop with your girlfriends and your family and you talk things through and you want their opinions so it was hard not being able to do that.


"But it was also really great because I will never ever be able to look back and say ''would I have done that differently if so-and-so didn't say, if I didn't judge this thing I saw about him on Facebook'. It was hands down 100 per cent my decision."

Although she wasn't allowed to discuss the contestants or dates, Love was able to stay in contact with her family due to her mum Belinda's diagnosis of pancreatic cancer, which she passed away from less than a week after the finale aired.

I am so overwhelmed by the huge outpouring of love, support and condolences from all over the world since announcing the devastating news of my beautiful mum's passing. I'm absolutely amazed by the number of messages I've received from others who've been through or are going through the same heartbreak, let alone from those who are just sending well wishes. Thank you to every single person who has shared even a single thought for me and my family. This is an absolutely awful time in our lives and we know the hurt will continue for a long time. But one thing my mum taught me was to believe in paying it forward and that from every negative can come even the slightest positive. So I hope my family's gut wrenching loss can create some awareness of the brutal disease that is pancreatic cancer and hopefully do some good in helping to find a cure. November is Pancreatic Cancer Awareness Month. If you have time, please head to and if you have even a dollar spare, please think of donating or buying a purple ribbon or wrist band to wear this month in support of @pancareaus and let's hope the sobering statistic of a 7% survival rate for this awful cancer can be changed ???????????? #pancare #pancarefoundation #pancreaticcancer #pancreaticcancerawarenessmonth #bacheloretteau

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"I was away from everyone for three months and usually how it works with the guys is they can phone their family once a week and I kind of had it as an open ended thing, I could call Mum or any of my family whenever,: she said.

"They were very good about that. And obviously mum didn't come to Singapore to film the finale as she wasn't quite well enough but I had her on speed dial the whole time and she was there for me throughout."

Listen: The full episode of No Filter with Georgia Love.

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