EXCLUSIVE: Georgia Love on being friends with Cameron Cranley while dating Lee Elliott.


Being friends with someone you used to date can be difficult; especially if you’ve got a new partner.

But, as someone who ended up with 16 exes in the space of a few months, few know how to handle it better than 2016 Bachelorette Georgia Love.

Speaking to Mamamia on Tuesday morning, the former television news journalist said prior to going on the popular Channel 10 matchmaking show, she couldn’t have imagined maintaining a relationship with the ditched contestants, but soon realised the unique bond the cast develop.

It is, after all, an experience few regular folks could relate to.

“I remember seeing photos of [previous Bachelorette] Sam Frost and Sasha with, I think it was Dave, and I was like, ‘That’s weird. That’s really weird.’ But now I’m in it I’m like, ‘No, it’s not weird’,” she laughed.

“So I’m sorry, Sam – I get it.”

The 28-year-old and her winning beau, Lee Elliott, enjoy a close friendship with fellow contestant Cameron Cranley.

You may remember him as ‘Fireman Cam’ or the guy who devised the greatest date of all time:


Despite that spectacular moment, the trio still enjoy hanging out – just last weekend they attended the Portsea Polo together.

“Lee and Cam are such good friends, and if Lee’s fine with it, we’re fine with it,” she told Mamamia.

“He’s just one of our mates. We just met in a strange way.”

Lee Elliot, Cam Cranley and "Third wheel" Georgia Love. Image: Instagram.

While the Tassie-born woman's introduction to her Bachelorette buds was certainly unorthodox, she argues it's not actually all that different to what happens off set.

"If you go on a date with someone and kiss them but nothing comes from that, you might end up still hanging out with that person; you just didn't want to date them anymore. And that's what it is with the other guys," she said.

"I mean, obviously not some of them - I don't think Lee, [runner-up] Matty and I are going to be hanging out anytime soon. But, you know."

Watch our full interview with Georgia below.