So, it turns out Bachelorette Georgia Love's dad has an... interesting job.


Just moments before we met this year’s HBIC (head Bachelorette in charge) Georgia Love, the 27-year-old news reporter appeared on Wednesday night’s episode of The Project and brought a truly incredible fun fact with her.

Panellist Peter Helliar kicked off the segment by asking, “Love runs in your family because your dad’s profession is quite an interesting one, isn’t it?”

Georgia Love's Dad

Georgia Love on The Project. Source: Channel 10.

Throwing the comedian a knowing laugh, Love responded, "Yes, it's interesting anyway, but it's especially interesting when his name is Doctor Love."


When Helliar asked Love to expand on her dad's particular area of expertise she responded, "The area between the belly button and the knees."


georgia love's dad

Georgia Love's Dad, Doctor Love. Source: Dr Love.

After a moment she finally clarified, "he's a penile implant surgeon."


Being the hard hitting journalists that we are, a Google search for Dr Love quickly ensued, with one Dr Chris Love, urologist, promptly being found in Melbourne.

Georgia Love's Dad

Georgia Love on The Project. Source: Channel 10.

Naturally, it didn't take long for the Bachelorette's dad's profession to come up during her cocktail party conversations with the Bachelors, and understandably, none of them knew how to handle the information.

But as she pointed out to Helliar, "if you think my name's perfect for my gig, dad's is even better."

Here's to Doctor Love!

And here's to Georgia! Listen to everything we think about episode one on our Bachelorette podcast, Bach Chat.