Georgia Love on the one hairstyle from her past you'll never see her in again.

Even if you didn’t watch her on The Bachelorette, Georgia Love‘s face will be instantly recognisable.

Since finding love on the show with Lee Elliott, the journalist has popped up on The Project, Studio 10 and been a vocal ambassador for Pancare, after losing her mum to pancreatic cancer last year.

Now the 27 year old has just been announced as a brand ambassador for Palmer’s, so we got the lowdown on her beauty routine, hair secrets and the products she refuses to leave the house without.

Your work now has you travelling a lot – what do you always pack in your wash bag?

“Definitely a good makeup remover. The one I use is the Palmer’s Facial Cleansing Oil, $14.99. It just removes makeup better than anything I’ve used before – I’ll never look sideways at a makeup wipe again after using oil! And a cleanser, I’ll always cleanse after using removing my makeup. A good eye cream is an absolute must, as is a good moisturiser, a good serum.”


What’s your favourite beauty product at the moment?

“I think probably the Curtis Collection Naked Glow CC cream, $55. I’d never used a CC cream before because I’d always thought ‘Is it a tinted moisturiser or a moisturiser?’ It comes out white and as it rubs in to your skin it changes colour to the colour of your skin.

It’s got a beautiful sheen and it’s got enough coverage but you don’t look like you’re wearing foundation either. If I’m doing anything on camera I’ll wear a liquid foundation but every other single time I’ll wear the CC cream. For me, really works.

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My favourite product from the Palmer’s range would be the Cocoa Butter Body Lotion, $7.49, because I’ve used it forever, it smells delicious, it makes your skin feel beautiful and it’s a staple that I think most people should have (and do have!) in their bathroom cupboard.”

You recently opted for a major chop – what does your hair routine look like?

“Everyone says it’s so much easier having short hair because there’s less to do, which is true… but you have to do it! That’s the main thing I’ve found. With long hair you can just decide to throw it up in a top knot or a ponytail and it’s fine but with short hair, you’re forced to style it. Which I like about it because it means I will make an effort and do my hair everyday. It doesn’t take as long but I probably do it more often.


And I’ve only just found my groove with it as well, it took me ages to learn how to do it myself at home. I loved it when the hairdresser first did it and then the first time I washed it myself I was like ‘Oh god, what I’ve done!’. I think it’s absolutely for any person who uses heat in their hair to have a really good heat protectant product.

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I use one from ELEVEN but Palmer’s actually have a Dry Oil Mist, $14.99, which is also so good. I’ve always used hair serums or oils but they make your hair oily. It’s worth it for the shine but you have to wash it more often. But this dry oil mist spray takes away any frizz and makes it shiny but doesn’t make it oily. It just gives me another day where I don’t have to wash my hair.”

How often do you wash your hair?

“My hair is actually very, very curly. A good thing about having curly hair is that you don’t have to wash it as often as its thicker. So I probably only need to wash my hair every four to five days which is good because it takes me a long time to do it to get the curls out of it.

I never, ever wear [my] hair natural. My curls are not good. It’s not a good look. If I was in the ’80s I would have been the coolest person going round and the only person who wouldn’t have to get a perm. But living in the day and age that I do, no.”

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What does your getting ready routine look like each morning?

“Very first thing I do is cleanse, always cleanse. Then apply serum, moisturiser and then my makeup from there. For my skin it’s certainly always those three without fail.

The last thing I do before I walk out the door which I never, ever forget is to spray perfume. I’ve got two real favourites – Chloe Roses, $90, (which is nothing to do with being on The Bachelorette, I’ve used it for years before!) and Kate Spade Live Colourfully, about $103, which you can’t actually get in Australia. I found it in America so now I annoy all my friends who go over to bring it home for me.

They’re both floral scents but very different so it depends on my mood. Live Colourfully is more frangipani/gardenia whereas obviously the Chloe one is a rose scent. But I’ll look at myself in the mirror, my outfit or the weather and see what I feel.”