First pictures of George and Amal's actual wedding.

This is it, guys.


We have photos of the outfit worn by Amal Alamuddin in her wedding ceremony to George Clooney.

Until now we’ve only seen photos of all the other spectacular designer outfits worn by Amal during the four-day wedding celebrations.

But this is the actual wedding dress.


Here we go…

Ok, everyone. Breathe out.

Amal and George got married on September 27th and pretty much put Venice on pause for four days. There were celebrities, there were boat rides, there were screaming Venetian fans. But most of all, there was the beautiful couple.

We are a little bit in love with Amal. And so is George. Huge congratulations to the smokin’ newlyweds.

Can’t get enough of Amal and George? Try these:

IN PICTURES: Feeling inspired by Amal’s Amazing Wedding Pants? So are we.

Every single dazzly detail from that time when George married Amazing Amal.

Amal Alamuddin is officially married to a guy called George. You might have heard of him?

More photos of the wedding:

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