'We were able to hold it together": Cocaine bust strengthened marriage, say Geoff and Sara Huegill.

They’re on the comeback trail.

In a rather spectacular fall from grace, Olympic swimmer Geoff Huegill, 38, and his wife Sara, 32, were arrested for cocaine possession at the exclusive Stables club at Royal Randwick racecourse in April last year.

They were busted in the bathroom by police, each with less than a gram of the drug on their person. Public condemnation ensued.

Both Huegill and his wife pleaded guilty and were given six-month good behaviour bonds in Waverley Local Court.

Sara and Geoff Huegill. Image via Instagram.

It wasn’t over though: Huegill had to delay launching a new business and the couple retreated from Sydney to Queensland with their daughters Mila, 4, and Gigi, 2, to escape the spotlight.

Now they’re intent on restoring their reps, launching exactly what the world needs: a health and wellness start-up called Huegill Bodytech.

The couple spoke yesterday about the past 18 months and how it’s affected them as a family.

Geoff Huegill and his two kids Mila and Gigi. Image via Instagram.

“I’m not going to lie, last year for me in particular was the hardest year I’ve been through since my father passed away [in 1989]. The biggest lesson I’ve learned … and I learned many lessons … is that it’s just not about us any more,” Geoff Huegill said, reports the Daily Telegraph.

They’ve both had a tough time coming to terms with how the arrests affected their families, friends, and business partners.

“We recognise and realise we’ve got family. We always knew that but the ramifications of our actions affects our family, it affects our business colleagues and it affects our business partners. But if you’re looking for a shining light, for us as a family unit, we were able to hold it together,” Huegill said.

His PR wife Sara, who was once sacked from Roxy Jacenko’s Sweaty Betty PR firm for “disloyal conduct” said, “I don’t think I’ll ever forgive myself but that’s the person I am.”

Sara Huegill. Image via Instagram.

She added that she was disappointed with the way she and her husband were treated as pariahs after their arrest.

Her husband agreed that “it brought out the true colours in a lot of people”.

The one thing they were both able to gain strength from throughout the whole ordeal was their relationship, the couple said. “Deep down, it never affected our relationship, our love for each other,” Sara said.

Huegill Bodytech was launched by the couple yesterday and offers supplements, activewear and vitamins.

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