Richard and Cormac are the first gay couple to marry in Ireland.

The question was popped two years ago.

In some much needed good news, the first gay couple has officially wed at a ceremony on Tuesday.

Richard Dowling, a 35-year-old barrister from Dublin, proposed to Cormac Gollogly, also 35 from Athlone, two years ago, according to Irish Times.

Irish Times reported that he had proposed “on a beach in Sitges in Spain two years ago on a September night ablaze with a fireworks and Cormac had immediately accepted his proposal and they have been planning this day ever since”.

Gay wedding Ireland
Richard Dowling (L) and Cormac Gollogly (R). Source: Getty Images

In order to be the first same sex couple to marry in Ireland, they had to wed in a waiting room outside the registrar office at Clonmel Community Care Centre, rather than in a more traditional setting, but hey, they don’t look like they cared.


After meeting 12 years ago, Dowling and Gollogly first formed a civil partnership in September before officially marrying this week, according to Irish Times.

Cormac said to Irish Times, “It’s ‘Murphy’s Law’ — had we not booked the civil partnership ceremony, then I bet the marriage referendum would not have passed.”

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Richard Dowling (L) and Cormac Gollogly (R). Source: Getty Images

The couple have already been on their honeymoon to the Maldives after their civil partnership ceremony.

It’s a celebration we hope will be an option for all Australians as well as soon as possible.