A fifth child is on the way for this House Husbands actor.


Gary Sweet, 57,  has announced that he and his partner of nine years, Nadia Dyall, are expecting a child. Soon.

Gary, who is currently starring in successful Aussie drama House Husbands, has two children to two of his three ex-wives. That’s confusing so we’ll spell it out for you.

Gary + first wife Lenore Smith = no children.

Gary + second wife Jill Miller = Sophie and Frank Sweet (Frank is also an actor).

Gary + third wife Johanna Griggs = Jesse James Sweet and Joe Buster Sweet.

Gary + partner Nadia Dyall = new baby.

Despite his practice, Gary doesn’t rate himself too highly as a Dad, as he told Woman’s Day. “I’d give myself a five or six out of 10. I wish I was better. I try to be as good a father as I can be when I see them, but I often don’t see my younger ones as much as I like to.”

Fortunately, things between him and Nadia look pretty solid.

This is them at the Myer Collections Launch:

This is them at the 2012 AACTA Awards:

See? Solid. Arms around each other and everything.

Congratulations to Gary and Nadia. It’s lucky that there can never be too many Sweet people in the world.


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