Seven big questions the Game of Thrones season finale desperately needs to answer.

If you’re not up to date with the show, look away now.


Any Game of Thrones fan knows the season finales typically are a time to take pause and reflect as you recover from that crazy, traumatic rollercoaster of emotions you were thrown on in episode 9.

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Last week’s Battle of the Bastards was INTENSE, giving even the Red Wedding a run for its money.

So as we emerge from that stressful state, we are left with a bundle of questions we want, nay, NEED, answered before Westeros disappears from our screens for another year.

1. Who’s going to rule Winterfell?

With the Starks back in Winterfell, Bran is actually next in line to rule the North, but everyone thinks he’s dead while he’s off learning to become a raven. So it falls to either Sansa or Jon, i.e. a girl or a bastard – not exactly the Westeros way. We reckon Sansa is best placed to claim the top job, considering she is the true-born child of Ned Stark. Plus, Jon’s a nice guy and would encourage it, right?

We're bound to know soon what's in this for Littlefinger. Image via HBO.

2. What’s the deal with Littlefinger?

Watching the knights of the Vale storm in and steamroll Bolton’s army was fiercely satisfying. We all had a feeling that Littlefinger and his smirk would come help the Starks at the last minute, and thank goodness he did. But how exactly is Littlefinger going to benefit from this? The guy isn’t known for doing things simply out of the kindness of his heart. So, what’s in it for him? What deal did he and Sansa make for the Vale knights to save the day? What power will he hold over her, if any? And how will Jon Snow feel about the request for aid his sister made behind his back?

Sir Davos is not about to let this go. Image via HBO.

3. How will Davos confront Melisandre?

In the last episode, Sir Davos went on a walk and discovered a little stag figurine he had given to Stannis Baratheon’s little girl, Princess Shireen. It was sitting in the pile of ashes where she was burned alive as a sacrifice to the Lord of Light by Melisandre in the last season. Davos of course wasn’t aware of this because he was cleverly sent away to the Knight’s Watch before the princess was killed. But he has now put two and two together and he is bound to be PISSED. Is he going to confront Melisandre about it? How will he handle it? With violence? Will she kill him in self-defence?

It's time we saw Danaerys set sail to Westeros. Image via HBO.

4. Is the Mother of Dragons finally heading back to Westeros?

Daenerys has a gigantic army, terrific advisers and three god damn dragons under her control. And now she also has the navies of the Slaver's Bay Masters and the Iron Fleet to get her there. Surely it’s time to sail home. Surely. Winter is coming, and we’ve watched her potter around long enough. And when she gets there, is she going to follow in the footsteps of her tyrannical father Mad King Aerys Targaryen? Tyrion dropped a remark that her plan to destroy the Wise Masters echoed her dad’s actions. Are we seeing a Mad Queen in the making?

Cersei can't rely on the Mountain to save her. Image via HBO.

5. Is Cersei going to be found guilty and go bonkers?

Look, Cersei is in big trouble. Her fate will no longer be decided by a trial by combat – which she had a strong chance of winning thanks to the mega Mountain. Rather, seven septons will decide whether she is guilty and deserving of a death sentence, and that’s a likely result. There’s also a strong feeling that her boy King Tommen, who is being manipulated by the Faith, won’t be alive much longer – will he die in Episode 10? Who would take over the Iron Throne? Will Cersei plunge into a state of insanity that could drive her to destroy King’s Landing with wildfire like the Mad King had planned, thus becoming the Mad Queen?

A young Ned Stark may hold the secret to Jon's true parents. Image via HBO.

6. Is Ned really Jon’s dad?

You’ve probably heard the R+L=J theory, which suggests Jon Snow is actually the consensual child of Lyanna Stark (Ned Stark’s sister) and Rhaegar Targaryen. It’s believed Lyanna died giving birth to Jon but Ned took him on as his bastard son to keep him safe. Bran’s vision took us super close to finally knowing once and for all whether there is any truth to this theory when he was at the Tower of Joy. C’mon Bran, head on a little further. We’ve gotta know.

Lady bosses Daenerys and Yara. Image via HBO.

7. What is going on between Yara and Daenerys?

Ok we're just going to throw this out there. There was so much flirtatious chemistry between Daenerys and the heir to the Iron Islands Yara Greyjoy, you can’t deny you weren’t lapping it up. We’re dying to know what’s next in store for the two – whether this is the beginning of a romance or a great, beautiful friendship. And Danyara is a perfect couple name for the pairing. #Danyara4lyf.

The alliance between the Faith and the Crown is unlikely to end well for the Tommen or Cersei. Image via HBO.

We have so many more questions, like who is going to be our next big villain after the death of Ramsay Bolton? (We’re tipping Euron Greyjoy.)

Where is Arya going to go after Bravos – back to Winterfell, or to kill her enemies, or will she be reunited with the Hound?

Is the Blackfish still alive?

We need to talk about the women on Game of Thrones...

What’s next for Bran and Benjen Stark?

Is Sansa pregnant with Ramsay’s baby?

What the hell is Queen Margaery's secret plan?

The Bran and Benjen Stark have been reunited. What's next? Image via HBO.


Episode 10 can't come soon enough.

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