Five scream worthy moments from the Game of Thrones season seven premiere.

WARNING: Just a note, this list contains spoilers for episode one, season seven of Game of Thrones……obviously.

Today, at 11am the streets of Australia emptied as fans of Game of Thrones rushed indoors to lay their eyes on the first long-awaited episode of season seven.

OK, maybe not quite everyone in the country downed tools for the whole hour. Some of you may have jobs/small humans to look after, which is fair enough.

But for those of you who did watch it and now need to relive the biggest moments, or for those poor souls who don’t even watch Game of Thrones but still want to sound smart in the work kitchen tomorrow, this list is for you.

1. Arya finally gets full payback for The Red Wedding.

Arya Stark put her epic face-stealing murder skills to good use in the opening scene of the premiere.

Hidden beneath Walder Frey’s face, she tricked his immense family into drinking poisonous wine at a feast and watched smugly as they all dropped dead. But instead of heading north to Winterfell to meet up with her family, Arya decided to make her way to King’s Landing to add Cersei Lannister’s name to her list.

Hello there, Arya Stark. Source: Foxtel

2. Cersei has a surprising new ally.

Cersei is always one step ahead of the game, which is why it came as no surprise to us that while Jamie was droning on about needing more powerful allies, Cersei already had some arriving at the front door.

That ally turned out to be Euron Greyjoy, who was pretty keen on marrying her in exchange for his army and fleet of ships. However, Cersei did not find him completely trustworthy and so he swept out of the room declaring that he would return with a grand gift for her. In GOT world, that probably means the severed head of someone we like.

Cersei is always one step ahead of the game. Source: Foxtel.

3. The fate of Jorah was revealed, and it was not pretty. 

The best jump scare from the entire episode took place while Sam was walking through a hall in The Citadel filled with barred doors and a grasping, desperate hand shot out towards him.

That hand and arm, completely covered in greyscale, belonged to Jorah. His desperate pleas to Sam to learn the fate of Dany only added to the heartbreak.

4. Sam made a discovery that could change everything.

Good old Sam gained access to the restricted section of The Citadel's library to try and get his hands on information that would help Jon prepare to battle the White Walkers.

He discovered that Dragonstone contains an immense amount of the valuable dragonglass and takes steps to alert Jon immediately. Is this the plot point that will finally bring Jon and Dany together as allies? We hope so.

5. Ed Sheeran is a Lannister, pretty much.

You know what Game Of Thones really needed during it's long-awaited and action packed season seven premiere? The smiling face of one Ed Sheeran. Except, it really didn't.

The singer played a slightly awkward soldier from King’s Landing, part of a small group of soldiers camping in the woods who offered Arya some food.

There's a time and place for cheesy gimmicks, Ed, but this was not it.

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Did you watch the season seven premiere of Game Of Thrones? What did you think?