8 things only extremely addicted Game of Thrones fans will understand.


Game of Thrones is a commitment.

Once you’ve watched one episode there is no walking away and forgetting about it, your’re either there for the long haul (which at this rate is pretty long) or you’re not there at all.

Why? Because Game of Thrones is more intense than a Westerosi winter. And if you are a fan of the show, you’ll know that winter is pretty bloody intense. Apocalyptic even.

But let’s not get sidetracked by winter – there are more important things to discuss, like Tyrion’s life hanging in the balance, where the Khaleesi’s dragons are at and what the heck has happened to this guy:

Where the hell is Gendry?


Have absolutely no clue what I’m talking about? You should probably move on then, after all there are things only Game of Thrones fans will understand. (Or you could jump on the bandwagon and lose hours of your free time to medieval sword fights and graphic sex scenes, like the rest of us).

1. You know why Jon Snow knows nothing (or, you like to think you do):

2. Your relationship with Game of Thrones feels a little like this:

3. You know that using social media on a Monday is as dangerous as living with Joffrey, because as Sir Jorah says:

4. You have a love hate relationship with most of the characters, but one thing is more certain than knowing a Lannister pays his debts:

This made you very, very, very happy.

5. Going to a wedding makes you more frightened than Theon Greyjoy at the Dreadfort:

6. You liked Daario Naharis’s old stuff better than his new stuff:

7. You can’t help but laugh when you see this (even though the scene in the film left you deeply sad and almost unhinged):

8. And in this show? Only one thing is for certain:

What has been your favourite moment from Game of Thrones? Will you be watching the season finale today?